Reviews We’re Proud Of…

What’s the cupcake for?  

Well, we show you enough now we’ll take a time out to celebrate a few customers reviews that we recently received through SERVICE MAGIC.  The following are customers who found us through this online site that connects homeowners with service providers.  They were kind enough to take a few minutes to submit a review of the work we did for them…thank you!


Review by Doug E. in De soto, KS
Project: Repair, Replace or Seal an Existing Skylight
Promptly got in touch with us. Very professional and friendly interactions. Work was accomplished on schedule.


Review by Kathy C. in Shawnee, KS
Project: Repair, Replace or Seal an Existing Skylight
He was very good at describing the issue and quick to get back to me with a quote. Very professional. So far, the leaking problem has been solved.


Review by Anna B. in Kansas city, MO
Project: Install a New Skylight
Fast, professional and courteous. I love my solar tube! Where other companies don’t return your telephone calls – Midwest Skylight will in a timely manner.


Review by Sean R. in Overland park, KS

Project: Repair, Replace or Seal an Existing Skylight
I second that! Jeff returns calls unlike his competitors! The work was done well within budget and on time. I highly recommend. The previous owners had jerry-rigged a storm window as a curbless skylight. Jeff had to build a curb and custom order an acrylic domed skylight. The install was professionally completed.


Review by a Neighbor in Lawrence, KS
Project: Repair, Replace or Seal an Existing Skylight
They showed up on time and were very courteous. The installation was quick and looks good. Installation was a little pricey by my estimate and for how long it took, but there aren’t many others out there who do a lot of skylight work in this area, and we wanted someone who knows what they are doing

As always, I’m happy to talk to you about your skylight needs.  We pride ourselves on being the best in the midwest.
Jeff Ogg

Clear Glass vs. Tinted Acrylic

Here’s a fairly common question I receive from homeowners…

“My current skylight looks like the one in the picture on the right.  It
needs to be replaced.  Doesn’t my new skylight need to be similarly
tinted to avoid heat gain or sunlight discoloring my furniture and carpets?”

The answer:

No…and here’s why..

The acrylic skylights of decades past had no other way to protect against heat gain and sun discoloration than to use a tinting to actually block some of the light.  

Today’s VELUX glass skylights have no need for tinting, just as the high-quality windows you choose for your home do not need to be tinted.

VELUX glass has an energy performance glazing with 12-layer patented coating…called
LoE3.  According to VELUX testing data, each type of glass skylight provides over 99%
UV protection and 80% or more protection from fading.

What this means is that we can enjoy a clear view of the sky, the light that provides, and the privacy it allows without the worry of temperature increases or damage to our interiors.

As always, I am happy to speak with you directly regarding your skylight needs!
Jeff Ogg









Very good question….and one I guess we need to find an insurance claims adjuster to answer.

Here is our view on the many reasons it just doesn’t make sense in 2014 to replace an acrylic dome with an acrylic dome.

1)  Acrylic was the technology in the 70’s and 80’s. It is no where close to the best material we have in 2014.  Would you replace anything in your home with a technology that is 30 to 40 years old?

2) When we ask homeowners about this, we always hear “this is what the insurance company will pay for”.  It makes us wonder if the insurer has done their homework about the cost of a replacement acrylic dome versus a glass replacement skylight.  The price is about even and yet, with glass you get a long list of clear advantages.

3) Replacement of just the acrylic dome piece of a skylight involves disassembling and re-using the old skylight frame and hoping that frame then does its job on the roof for the next 20-30 year.  Replacement with a new glass skylight gives you an entirely new high tech unit on your roof, unadulterated and ready to perform.

4) Acrylic domes are not energy-efficient.  Velux glass is Energy-Star rated, quieter, and the newest glass is even self-cleaning.  Installing Velux is just like putting the finest quality windows on your home.

5) Acrylic domes are more prone to condensation.  Additionally, the view from inside is of ‘brown’ sky.

6) When hail hits, the acrylic skylights break.  Glass rarely does.  We have seen this every year in Kansas City.  Glass is just much stronger than plastic.  So much so that Velux  skylights come with a 10-year hail warranty.

We think those are big reasons to replace acrylic with glass.  Our goal is to empower homeowners with information they can take to their insurer when advocate for the common sense choice when replacing their skylight.

Please call for more info.  We would love to get you a skylight that will serve you well for decades!