My skylight looks like this (see photo)….

….do I need to get it replaced?

Because of what I do for a living, I tend to look up alot…especially when I’m driving around

I’m always amazed  to see how many skylights out there need to be replaced.  Are they
cracked or broken? No, they are not. Then what is my conclusion based on?

When do you replace and why?? 

First…your skylight is made of acrylic.

Acrylic was the material of choice for skylights of decades past.  We didn’t have the technology to make glass energy efficient, much less make 2 layers with argon gas between.  Now we do….it’s exactly the same
reason you replace your old glass windows.  While they are not broken and you can see through them,
they are simply not serving you well.

Second, your skylight is tinted.

Tinting was the best method manufacturers used to have to reduce heat gain….not anymore.  VELUX glass skylights don’t need to be tinted…the energy efficiency is built in the glass. Here’s a BIG misconception among homeowners…replacing your tinted acrylic skylight with clear glass does NOT result in heat gain...rather, the energy efficiency of the new unit will be much greater than the old.

 The big bonus is, you now have a beautiful clear glass window to look through!!

Third, your skylight is a “bubble” shape…it curves out alot, or a little, like this one…

Again, a characteristic of an old skylight.  Maybe it was easier to manufacturer them this way, or perhaps someone thought this “exploded” look was a design feature?   In my opinion, this “curvy” look gives a contemporary feel, which is probably why some people think skylights only belong on a modern ranch.    Today’s VELUX flat glass skylights give that “upgraded look”…plus, they are much more flush with your roof line….no more “insect’s eye” effect.

Here’s some great examples of updated skylights….the difference is clear (pun intended!).

As for the cost…a standard size VELUX replacement skylight will cost between $400 and $600, including material and labor….please understand that is an estimate only, but I know the cost is uppermost in people’s minds, that’s why I’ve included it.

Please give me a call if you’d like to talk about replacing your outdated skylight…
(913) 492-2989