Skylights and hail in Kansas City

In all the years we’ve been in business there have been very few hail storms that damaged homes like the one we just had Sunday night (April 3, 2011).

I’m fielding call from both the Kansas and Missouri side.  There are definitely concentrated areas where hail did the most damage. 

However, the reports from homeowners are that the hail was not necessarily large.  Why, then, did it do an inordinate amount of damage?

People are telling me the hail they saw was very jagged…as opposed to smooth and round like typical hail.  Is this the difference?  I decided to check the web to see if I could get an explanation.  I quickly found a scientific site about tornadoes from the UK that addressed the severity of hail.

I learned something really interesting…the site says it’s not the size of the hail that is as destructive as the addition of strong winds to the hail.  Here’s a quote:

“a fall of walnut-sized hail with little or no wind may scar fruit and sever the stems of crops but would not break vertical glass and so would be ranked H2-3. However, if accompanied by strong winds, the same hail may smash many windows in a house and dent the bodywork of a car, and so be graded an intensity as high as H5.”

So, it looks like we had the right combination of hail and very strong winds in Kansas City.  I’m sorry for all the damage it has caused because I know it’s a frustration to deal with.

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