The pitfalls of replacing with the same old skylight…

As a dealer, it seems lately that I’ve taken a good number of calls from roofers who tell me their customers want to replace their old tinted acrylic skylights with a skylight just like it.

It may be that the homeowner is not aware of the latest advances in skylights.  The easiest route seems to be just do what was done before.

However, here are the reasons to consider the latest in skylights….

1) If your acrylic skylight cracked or was broken by hail, it’s most likely because it is acrylic.  Flat glass VELUX skylights are built to withstand large hail.   Of all the skylights we have replace due to hail damage, I would say 90% are acrylic.

2) Although your acrylic skylight is tinted, it is not protecing your home against heat gain or loss, nor is it protecting your furniture and carpet against sun.  Tinted acrylics are not ENERGY STAR RATED like VELUX glass.  Although clear,  VELUX provides a UV protectorant that acrylic does not.

3) With time, tinted acrylics become cloudy.  VELUX glass does not.  The clear, crisp look of VELUX glass give your home an updated appearance.

4) VELUX offers muliple shade and blind options which give you the option for reducing the light in the room or blocking it altogether.

5) LAST BUT NOT LEAST…replacing with VELUX glass is rarely more expensive than replacing with tinted acrylic…and you are replacing with a far superior product. 

I’d like to finish with a couple of photos to illustrate the above points…

Please call if you have questions or would like more information about
replacing your old tinted acrylic skylight.