Break away from wanting your new skylight to match the old one

You need a replacement skylight for one reason or another.  There is another skylight next to it…same age, same tinted dome style.  It’s easy to decide that you need to replace one with something that looks exactly like the one that remains.

I encourage you to consider the following before you commit to this decision:

The skylight you are trying to “match” is plastic.  The only way to match it to get another plastic skylight.  Plastic skylights lack many things possible with glass.

They transfer heat and cold into your room.  They are less durable.  They have
a dated appearance v. clear glass. They are prone to condensation. 

AND…they are NO LESS EXPENSIVE than a glass VELUX skylight that provides all the benefits.

Here is a surprise to many homeowners.. it does not cost $1000 to replace a 2nd skylight.

The typical cost of a replacement is $400-600.

For that expense, you can have matching skylights that are BOTH working for you, not against you….AND start out with the unbeatable warranties that come with them.

Give me a call, I’d be happy to give you some more information!