30% Tax Credit for Skylights

Just announced, March 1st….it’s easier than ever to get that beautiful VELUX skylight you’ve always wanted!  In addition, the energy performance skylights eligible for the 30% tax credit will provide features you might not have considered AND the cost of installation is included in the tax credit.

Many VELUX models qualify, but all come with factory-installed solar blinds as well as a programmable remote control.  There are 5 blind choices to choose from, to match any look in your current room….white, beige, charcoal, green and grey.

VELUX estimates that if you upgrade your outdated skylight to one of these models, you will recover 73-85% of the actual price you paid for the product after tax credit eligibility.

As with any tax matter, it’s always a good idea to consult your tax preparer.  You can also read all the details at  http://veluxusa.com/taxcredits.

Open the full VELUX tax savings document here:


Please call if you have questions or want to get your 30% tax credit!