The VELUX Sun Tunnel…accessories galore!

What is a VELUX Sun Tunnel? Check out the beautiful white kitchen above and then notice there are no huge windows.  Why is it so light and bright? It’s thanks to the two VELUX Sun Tunnels in the ceiling!  They add tons of natural light while never distracting from the aesthetic of the interiors.

 Sun Tunnels can be installed anywhere there is an attic or crawlspace above and even in a vaulted ceiling.  Have an upstairs bedroom you have turned in to a fabulous closet space?  No need to bother with opening and closing the window treatment, add VELUX Sun Tunnels!

Do you want to control the natural light?  Would you like light at night? We’ve got that covered as well!  VELUX Sun Tunnels can be adapted to block or control light as needed or simply flip a switch and they become an electric light.  These accessories and more are available by giving us a call to discuss your particular needs.


Sun Tunnels are more affordable than you might think and we can install yours in a day!  Call us at 913.492.2989 and we can work out the details of your project.

Thanks! Jeff