Have a unique skylight?

I happened to be going through an open house last weekend near my home to see the inside of a unique home in my area.

In the large circular living room, there was an octagonal skylight in the center of the vaulted ceiling.  The skylight was original to the home, built in the 1970’s.

Clearly, not your traditional rectangular skylight! 

What is a homeowner (or the buyer of this property) to do with a unique skylight like this one that needs to be replaced?

First, this would be a custom replacement.  A skylight would need to be ordered specifically for this application.  In this situation, it is especially important that you choose to work with someone who has expert knowledge about all types of skylights.

Here is another example of a unique skylight replacement we have done.

Many times, it is impossible (and often not wise) to mimic the original method and materials used to install this skylight arrangement.  Outdated and inefficient means of construction may have been used. 

We’ve seen many unique skylight situations and can help you deal with yours.

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