Tinted, plastic skylights are history for this reason…

Here’s a topic I address quite often with homeowners  so I suspect it’s only the first time I will address it on Midwest Skylight’s blog site.

I enounter more than a few people who believe that any new or replacement skylight they install should be tinted, just as their previous one probably was.

Here is why in the “old fashioned” skylights were tinted.. the only way to make them block the hot the sun’s rays was to tint them.  Even by doing that, these old plastic skylights are a far cry from energy efficient…they may have just seemed that way because the bright light was filtered.

Enter today’s new glass Velux skylights.  Yes, they are as clear as the windows on your house.  However, they are as energy efficient and protective as the best windows you can buy and even then some.

Velux glass skylights are made with an energy performance glazing with a 12 layer patented coating.  The LoE3-366 glass reduces window heat gain by 64% compared to ordinary glass.  Velux skylights are Energy Star qualified in the US. 

So, there is no need for tinting anymore.  The glass does the work for you.  Just a clear few into the sky.  Now, for light blocking purposes, we carry a large line of blinds and shades made by Velux for those who would like to be able to change the light level.

Can you tint a glass skylight?  Yes, there are companies who will do that for you.  However, because it is altering the skylight itself, the warranty will be voided by Velux.  A much better solution is to give us a call and we can talk about getting you a shade or blind.

I hope that helps clear up this misconception.  Give me a call if you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!