Can a Sun Tunnel be divided to go into 2 rooms?

Last weekend at the Kansas City Home Builders Association Home Show, I heard this question more than a couple times, so I’d like to address it here in the blog for anyone who is curious.

The short answer is…”no”…a Velux Sun Tunnel is not manufactured to allow for a “Y” tubing piece which will allow two separate tubes to divert light into two separate rooms.

Here are the main reasons this is not being done:

1)  There is no such “Y” tubing piece being made to fit the Velux  Sun Tunnels.  We do not recommend that folks try to make their own tube or use “dryer vent” tubing.  Sun Tunnel rigid and flexible tubing is not the same as tubing you can purchase in a home improvement store.  It’s made specifically for durability and energy efficiency.

2) Diverting light into two places would divide the light and both spaces would see less light than Sun Tunnels typically provide one space. 

3) Using a “Y” tubing section would require more “piecing together” of tubing in the attic, a practice we like to avoid.  More taping of tubing results in the increased risk that it will become detached or loose, thus compromising the Sun Tunnel.

Hope that answers your questions.  As always, give me a call if you would like talk skylights.