Leaky Skylight? Please don’t use tar….

It’s a great feeling when you fix something around the house without having to call a professional, but there are definitely some do-it-yourself projects that will cause more trouble they are worth, and here’s a big one:

Clearly, someone is someone trying to stop this skylight from leaking by using large quantities of roofing tar.  Granted, in this case that same someone has made a horrendous, not to mention unsightly mess, but you get the idea.

Just today a homeowner called me to come out and replace a skylight that he
had tried to seal using roofing tar.  Not only did it not fix the leak, now this man will have to spend more money on the replacement job.  Why?

Applying tar OVER shingles necessitates the complete tear-off and replacement of all the shingles around a skylight.  This is not necessary on a typical skylight replacement.

The cost for both materials and labor has now unnecessarily been increased.

A properly sealed skylight is correctly flashed and sealed UNDER the shingles.

The tar, while a short-term band-aid, will inevitably cause a headache later.

As always, I would be glad to talk to you about skylights, just give me a call.

(thanks for InspectAPedia for posting this photo on Google Images)