Clear Glass vs. Tinted Acrylic

Here’s a fairly common question I receive from homeowners…

“My current skylight looks like the one in the picture on the right.  It
needs to be replaced.  Doesn’t my new skylight need to be similarly
tinted to avoid heat gain or sunlight discoloring my furniture and carpets?”

The answer:

No…and here’s why..

The acrylic skylights of decades past had no other way to protect against heat gain and sun discoloration than to use a tinting to actually block some of the light.  

Today’s VELUX glass skylights have no need for tinting, just as the high-quality windows you choose for your home do not need to be tinted.

VELUX glass has an energy performance glazing with 12-layer patented coating…called
LoE3.  According to VELUX testing data, each type of glass skylight provides over 99%
UV protection and 80% or more protection from fading.

What this means is that we can enjoy a clear view of the sky, the light that provides, and the privacy it allows without the worry of temperature increases or damage to our interiors.

As always, I am happy to speak with you directly regarding your skylight needs!
Jeff Ogg