And now a word about skylight leaks…

“Skylights leak”…the most common negative perception about skylights.  Undoubtedly, the biggest reason skylights are not installed.
It only seems fitting that after 10″ of rain this week (and much more in some unfortunate mid-western states) that I address skylight leakage.

Here are several important facts to consider if you dealing with a leaky skylight:

1) A quality skylight is designed NOT to leak.  Homeowners don’t usually worry about leaking when they install windows…but I would bet they find an installer they trust.
A properly installed, quality skylight used in the correct application will  not leak.
2) Once in a while, a homeowner will express frustration that a skylight has not lasted more than 25 years.  Like roofs and windows, skylights do age…although you will most likely replace your roof long before your VELUX skylight.
3) Many times, a leak originates somewhere else in your roof and “finds” the skylight as a point of entry into your home. If you can make a trip into your attic, many times it’s possible to follow the drip line to the original point of leakage.
4) Finally, have you recently had your roof replaced and NOW your skylight has started to leak?  Unfortunately, the roofing contractor has probably not correctly re-roofed around the skylight, following every procedure necessary to prevent leakage.
If you have additional questions or comments about leaky skylights, I’d love
to help you out…thanks for reading!