Got Hail?

Once again, we’re hearing about damaging storms in Oklahoma and one of
our contractors called this morning to prepare us for the orders he will
soon send our way for replacement skylights.

Here’s the thing…the skylights that are most frequently damaged by hail
are acrylic. It’s a safe bet that all of the skylights being replaced
in Oklahoma right now are this type.  In 13 years, I have never seen a hole
in a glass skylight made by hail.


I’m sure many people are….one of the most common misconceptions about
skylights is that if you put one in, you’re asking for a hole in it during
a hail storm.

Not so….today’s Velux tempered over tempered safety glass skylights are many
times more durable than acrylic skylights, (which are still sold today by
some manufacturers) which become brittle over time.

Here’s hoping we avoid the stuff that Oklahoma just got!