Skylights for the Great Plains SPCA!

aspca outsideWe replaced skylights this week at a great location in Kansas City today…the Great Plains SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).


It’s great to see that structures like this are using all the benefits of natural light in their spaces.

aspca beforeIn this case, the veterinary area had four large white plastic dome skylights that needed to be replaced.

We installed Velux flat glass skylights which are Energy-Star rated, so they will improve the energy efficiency of these spaces.  Additionally, Velux glass skylights hold up against hail far better than the plastic domes we removed.  aspca insideaspca after



It was hard to resist the friendly faces we saw while there! The next time we are aspca doglooking to add a family member, we will head to the Great Plains SPCA to adopt. We so appreciate the work they do every day finding great animals new homes!



For more info on the Great Plains SPCA: