It’s spring in the Midwest and that means severe storms…and that means hail.  The last couple of weeks has already brought us many reports of broken skylights around the metro. 

What type of skylights would you guess have been broken?  Plastic bubbles or glass? If you said the plastic bubbles, you win!! 

Here’s an important skylight fact many people are surprised to learn…

VELUX FLAT GLASS SKYLIGHTS often survive hail that damages roofs and siding.  We see this time and time again after hail storms.

VELUX flat-glass skylights are so strong, in fact, they now carry a 10-YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST HAIL BREAKAGE.

So, what is a homeowner to do with a broken plastic bubble?  DO NOT REPLACE IT WITH ANOTHER SKYLIGHT THAT HAIL MAY DAMAGE TOMORROW.

Choose a glass VELUX glass skylight.  You will have peace of mind when the next hail storm comes.  You will have a beautiful view of the sky, vastly improved energy efficiency, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable cost for such a superior product.

Please call for more details on replacing your damaged and or outdated plastic skylight…913.492.2989.