Skylights are “Windows” in UK

I just returned from a trip to Scotland, where I saw a lot of two things…
lots of these…..

and lots of these….

When natives asked what I do, I told them I sell skylights.  They all looked
quizzical until I restated and said I sell “Velux”.  Invariably, I would get the
same response, “Oh, you sell roof windows!”

In the UK, the word “Velux” is like saying “Kleenex” in the US.  But in Europe, people think of skylights in the same way they think of windows….and to all of us, what building is complete without windows?  To them, light from a window in the roof is as expected as light from a window in a wall.

So all over Europe you see skylights in buildings that are many hundreds of years old. Quite a few of them open, as they value not only the light but the ventilation they provide.

Please call for a “Velux” of your own!