Why choose a venting skylight?

Just today, I came across a web article giving “expert” advice on choosing a skylight.  The author stated that he would suggest a fixed (non-opening) skylight over a venting skylight. His reason was basically that “venting skylights are hard to use”.

That quick judgment is a big disservice to anyone considering a skylight.  Here is why I am a big fan of venting skylights and I explain their multiple benefits to all of our customers.
The reasons to choose venting skylight go well beyond bringing a nice breeze into your home.

All homes need ventilation and proper moisture balance.  A skylight in the ceiling is the perfect spot for inside air to ventilate out as warm air always rises.  

a venting skylight as a “passive air conditioner.”  Through the chimney or exhaust effect they create, the warm air is drawn up through the skylight, providing a cooling effect and fresh air througout the entire house.

But are they easy to open? Yes.  VELUX venting skylights come with manual control rods when they are out of reach.  Our nine-year-old daughter is able to operate the rod for the skylight in her room!  For very high skylights, VELUX has remote controlled units and even units that have rain sensors which close when the first drops of rain land on it.

Wondering about screens and sun-blocking?  VELUX has that covered too.  Screens and several blind/shade options are available for all standard size VELUX venting skylights.
If you would like more information about venting skylights, give me a call at 913.492.2989.