Skylight or roof damage from a storm? Homeowner beware…

Who can forget the storms that rolled through Kansas City in the spring of 2011?  There are roofs still awaiting repair and he we are almost a year later!

As storm season approaches, I want to relay to you some unfortunate experiences of homeowners I have worked with lately.

Last spring, when thousands of homes sustained damage, a slew of “storm chasers” descended upon KC and got lots of business from folks who were hoping to get the repairs done fast. 

Now, I am hearing from some of those folks.  It seems as if the work performed was sub-standard and guess what?…The “storm chasers” are not very easy to follow up with.  They have either left town, or they are not very interested in correcting the problems they created when they repaired or replaced skylights.

Now these homeowners are needing the work done right and are having to pay for it AGAIN.

How can you avoid this if your home is every damaged in a storm?

First, do your research before you hire a contractor.  Some “storm chasers” actually pair up with existing companies in town and for a time use that local phone number to appear as if they are local themselves.  Sometimes their cell phone numbers actually give them away…if it’s an area code other than 913 or 816, it could be a storm chaser.

If your job involves a skylight, be sure to ask every question you can think of regarding the repair or replacement of that skylight.  Many roofers who travel the country following storms have had very little experience with skylights.  If your contractor cannot speak with confidence about their skylight experience and give you references, do not hire them.

Don’t hesitate to let a trusted expert do the skylight and leave the roof to roofers.

Here’s to a safe and quiet spring storm season!