The pitfalls of replacing with the same old skylight…

As a dealer, it seems lately that I’ve taken a good number of calls from roofers who tell me their customers want to replace their old tinted acrylic skylights with a skylight just like it.

It may be that the homeowner is not aware of the latest advances in skylights.  The easiest route seems to be just do what was done before.

However, here are the reasons to consider the latest in skylights….

1) If your acrylic skylight cracked or was broken by hail, it’s most likely because it is acrylic.  Flat glass VELUX skylights are built to withstand large hail.   Of all the skylights we have replace due to hail damage, I would say 90% are acrylic.

2) Although your acrylic skylight is tinted, it is not protecing your home against heat gain or loss, nor is it protecting your furniture and carpet against sun.  Tinted acrylics are not ENERGY STAR RATED like VELUX glass.  Although clear,  VELUX provides a UV protectorant that acrylic does not.

3) With time, tinted acrylics become cloudy.  VELUX glass does not.  The clear, crisp look of VELUX glass give your home an updated appearance.

4) VELUX offers muliple shade and blind options which give you the option for reducing the light in the room or blocking it altogether.

5) LAST BUT NOT LEAST…replacing with VELUX glass is rarely more expensive than replacing with tinted acrylic…and you are replacing with a far superior product. 

I’d like to finish with a couple of photos to illustrate the above points…

Please call if you have questions or would like more information about
replacing your old tinted acrylic skylight.


Why choose a venting skylight?

Just today, I came across a web article giving “expert” advice on choosing a skylight.  The author stated that he would suggest a fixed (non-opening) skylight over a venting skylight. His reason was basically that “venting skylights are hard to use”.

That quick judgment is a big disservice to anyone considering a skylight.  Here is why I am a big fan of venting skylights and I explain their multiple benefits to all of our customers.
The reasons to choose venting skylight go well beyond bringing a nice breeze into your home.

All homes need ventilation and proper moisture balance.  A skylight in the ceiling is the perfect spot for inside air to ventilate out as warm air always rises.  

a venting skylight as a “passive air conditioner.”  Through the chimney or exhaust effect they create, the warm air is drawn up through the skylight, providing a cooling effect and fresh air througout the entire house.

But are they easy to open? Yes.  VELUX venting skylights come with manual control rods when they are out of reach.  Our nine-year-old daughter is able to operate the rod for the skylight in her room!  For very high skylights, VELUX has remote controlled units and even units that have rain sensors which close when the first drops of rain land on it.

Wondering about screens and sun-blocking?  VELUX has that covered too.  Screens and several blind/shade options are available for all standard size VELUX venting skylights.
If you would like more information about venting skylights, give me a call at 913.492.2989.


Want a skylight? Think outside the box!

Skylights aren’t just for kitchens and family rooms anymore!   I’d like to challenge everyone to consider a skylights for other spots around your home or workplace.

Here are a few suggestions and some great photos, all from Pinterest.

Don’t want a big window near the tub or shower, but want the beauty of natural light?  How about…

Have a bonus room and not sure how to make it the place everyone wants to use?

How about the landing at the top of the stairs?  Here’s a way to really change that space for the better…

Check out these outdoor spaces and how much the skylights add to the look and feel.

Finally, check out this great option for lighting a warehouse.  The natural light from these Sun Tunnels saves a bundle on energy expenses while adding a very interesting architectural feature.

Thinking out of the box about a skylight you would like?  We can help!


Skylights in a tile roof? Yes!

In Kansas City, tile roofs aren’t very common, but we see them from time to time.  I find there’s a common misconception that skylights cannot be installed in a tile roof.  This is NOT true!

If you have a tile roof or would like to have one installed, you
can still get a skylight too.  Please do yourself a favor and be
sure to enlist the services of a tile roof expert…and they do exist.
Not every roofing contractor knows the ins and outs of tile roofs.

When we do a skylight job on a tile roof, we also enlist tile
roof experts to ensure the job goes smoothly.

Skylights can be used anywhere, as long as they’re done right!

Give me a call if you have questions or would like more information.


Skylight or roof damage from a storm? Homeowner beware…

Who can forget the storms that rolled through Kansas City in the spring of 2011?  There are roofs still awaiting repair and he we are almost a year later!

As storm season approaches, I want to relay to you some unfortunate experiences of homeowners I have worked with lately.

Last spring, when thousands of homes sustained damage, a slew of “storm chasers” descended upon KC and got lots of business from folks who were hoping to get the repairs done fast. 

Now, I am hearing from some of those folks.  It seems as if the work performed was sub-standard and guess what?…The “storm chasers” are not very easy to follow up with.  They have either left town, or they are not very interested in correcting the problems they created when they repaired or replaced skylights.

Now these homeowners are needing the work done right and are having to pay for it AGAIN.

How can you avoid this if your home is every damaged in a storm?

First, do your research before you hire a contractor.  Some “storm chasers” actually pair up with existing companies in town and for a time use that local phone number to appear as if they are local themselves.  Sometimes their cell phone numbers actually give them away…if it’s an area code other than 913 or 816, it could be a storm chaser.

If your job involves a skylight, be sure to ask every question you can think of regarding the repair or replacement of that skylight.  Many roofers who travel the country following storms have had very little experience with skylights.  If your contractor cannot speak with confidence about their skylight experience and give you references, do not hire them.

Don’t hesitate to let a trusted expert do the skylight and leave the roof to roofers.

Here’s to a safe and quiet spring storm season!


Flat-glass VELUX SUN TUNNELS are here!

I’ll start with a couple of photos to best depict what I mean by a “flat-glass” SUN TUNNEL…

Velux continues to strive to meet the needs of homeowners everywhere. For some, that is
a SUN TUNNEL skylight that is more contiguous with a home’s roofline.  For folks who prefer a flat skylight on their roof (as opposed to the SUN TUNNEL’s curved dome)…here it

These flat-glass SUN TUNNELs are essentially the same unit, except for the piece that mounts on the roof, so you can expect the same performance and quality that VELUX delivers with the traditional SUN TUNNEL.

For pricing, please give me a call and we can discuss your particular application.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Have a unique skylight?

I happened to be going through an open house last weekend near my home to see the inside of a unique home in my area.

In the large circular living room, there was an octagonal skylight in the center of the vaulted ceiling.  The skylight was original to the home, built in the 1970’s.

Clearly, not your traditional rectangular skylight! 

What is a homeowner (or the buyer of this property) to do with a unique skylight like this one that needs to be replaced?

First, this would be a custom replacement.  A skylight would need to be ordered specifically for this application.  In this situation, it is especially important that you choose to work with someone who has expert knowledge about all types of skylights.

Here is another example of a unique skylight replacement we have done.

Many times, it is impossible (and often not wise) to mimic the original method and materials used to install this skylight arrangement.  Outdated and inefficient means of construction may have been used. 

We’ve seen many unique skylight situations and can help you deal with yours.

I look forward to talking with you!
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Decorate a room with VELUX skylights!

Just out from VELUX…a new line of shades that will make you want skylights in your bedroom! 

Or, if you already have skylights, it may be time to redecorate your room, based on these amazing new options.

Here are just a few available….

(That’s the designer, Karim Rashid.)

Now it’s time to re-do that room!

Please call me if you have any questions or to find out how
to get these blinds!

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Skylight quiz…how much do you know?

I’ve turned some common skylight questions into a quick quiz…
how much do you know?





And now the answers…

1) FALSE….Today’s clear glass VELUX skylights are a great deal more energy efficient that yesterday’s tinted plastic skylights.  For more details, check out previous blogs or our website!

2) FALSE…VELUX has blinds and shades to fit every skylight and is rolling out an extensive new line of decorator blinds. 

3) FALSE…if you choose VELUX and choose MIDWEST SKYLIGHT as your installer you can rest assured that you will benefit from VELUX quality (including the No-Leak Promise) and the expertise only we can offer.  

4) FALSE…Skylights can be installed and a drywall shaft can be built into rooms that are not vaulted.  Or, the VELUX SUNTUNNEL is the perfect choice for those tricky rooms that need natural light, but the roof is harder to reach.

If you have any questions, please give me a call!

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New Velux Skylight App sheds light in your room!

Are you considering adding a skylight to your home but having trouble envisioning how
it will look in your room?

Simply download Velux’s new Skylight Planner App available to iPhone, iPad Touch and Android smartphones.  Using this App, you can take a photo of your room and insert one or more Velux skylights into the photo. 

The Velux app also lets you add blinds to the skylight in your photo as well as viewing one versus multiple skylights in the room.

I use the app every day to help homeowners see exactly what their room will look like after we complete the installation.  There’s no more guessing how it will change their home…they can see right away that the results will be amazing.

Give me a calll if you have any questions or would like to talk skylights.