Why do insurance companies insist on replacing acrylic

skylight domes with more acrylic?

Very good question, and one I guess we need to find an insurance claims adjuster to answer.

Here is our view of the many reasons it just doesn’t make sense in 2014 to replace an acrylic dome with an acrylic dome….

1)  Acrylic was the technology in the 70’s and 80’s. It is no where close to the best material we have in 2014…why would you replace anything in your home with a technology that is 30 to 40 years old?finishedviewflashing

2) When we ask homeowners about this, we almost always hear “this is what the insurance company

will pay for.”

It makes us wonder if the insurer has even attempted to check prices for a replacement acrylic dom

e vs. a glass replacement skylight.  The price is very comparable, and yet, with glass you get a whole

list of huge advantages.

3) Replacement of just the acrylic dome part of a skylight involves disassembling and re-using an old skylight frame and hoping that frame then does its job on the roof for the next 20-30 years. Replacement with a new glass skylight gives you an entire new high tech unit on your roof, unadulterated and ready to perform.

4) Acrylic domes are not enegy-efficient. Velux glass is Energy Star rated. Using one is just like putting the finest quality windows on your home.

5) Acrylic domes create condensation when the temperature changes. Additionally, the view from inside is of ‘brown’ sky.

6) When hail happens, the acrylic skylights break. Glass rarely does. We have seen this year after year in Kansas City after hail storms. Glass is just so much stronger than plastic.

We think those are very compelling reasons to replace acrylic with glass.  Our goal is to empower homeowners with information they can take to their insurer when they request the latest technology in skylights.

Please feel free to call for more information and we can help you get the skylight that will serve you well for decades!